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15 Jan / 2017

Blue Palace Resort & Spa


The interior within the stone walls of the this haven retreat embarks on a reflection of the islands natural raw beauty. Bringing the energy inside, muted coloured stones meet waves of spa blues – almost where the sand meets the sea.

The Pallette

Sandy White
Lulworth Blues
Hay Bail Yellow

The Scent

Red Cedar Tree Sauna

The Tune

By Your Side – Sade – Click here to listen 

The Entrance

Embark into a metropolis of openness, filled with gracefully cascading giant chandeliers greeting you. Oversized pillars,  large curved windows and archways softened by the scattering of plush sandy white cushions and sofas.  The curves of the windows let the sun heat the vast room, yet remaining cool, a welcomed  tranquil retreat

Follow your way through the main entrance to the idyllic Arsenali Lounge, where you can unwind with a glass of your favourite whilst overlooking the Aegean Sea. Think Moroccan style loungers, oversized glass tables and a dusky sunset.

Sandy White – Moroccan style seating
Lulworth Blues – Feature cushions, infinity pool to the Aegean Sea
Clam – Clam shell walls and  grand archways
Red Cedar Sauna reds – encasing the spa like sandy white cushions
Glass topped tables, reflecting the shimmers of the sea
Natural light stones
Dark Royal Blue side tables

Effortless in chicness, placed together giving a sense of magnificent architecture combined with comfort.

The personality

The hotel would suit the couple or individuals seeking a escape from the noise and distractions of everyday life sinking into a meditation like state of relaxation. Someone embodying a deep sense of earths values and calmness.

Other finds that we would love to add in there

1. Our beautiful stone planters

2. Mirrors

3. Table Lamps and rugs

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