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13 Nov / 2015

Elounda, Crete

The small picturesque port on the Northern coastline of the popular island on Crete in Greece you will find Elounda. Sealed with the approval of beautiful scenery and luxury hotels one can understand why it was the chosen destination for the former Prime Minister of Greece – Andreas Papandreou. This idyllic get away destination is great for anyone who is seeking tranquility combined with authenticity. Elounda is not over visited and has there fore kept a lot of its natural charm and history which can be seen in its architecture and food! This history rich rocky retreat is also home to the remote island of Spinalonga (Kalydon) also knows as the Leper Island, the island was home to Crete’s lepers right up until 1957 where they were kept in quarantine. Now a days you can take a boat trip to the island to explore the habitat that they were forced to live in.

A short ferry ride back to the mainland and you will enjoy views of the coast whilst dining on traditional Cretan cuisine at one of the many sea facing restaurants. Typically you can expect a complimentary salad with your meal, along side dishes such as Fried Snails, Moussaka, Salt fish and Dakos followed by the very punchy Raki liquor.

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