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13 Nov / 2015

Lake Garda

Sprawling in excess of 160km long Lake Garda is a paradise of breathtaking backdrops of the Dolomites on one side and perfectly lined rows of vines on the opposite, Lake Garda openly invites you to over indulge in its natural beauty. Mixing the sheer size and magnitude with its delicate charm. Guests can be totally alluded from the risk of eating out and it being average which all too common when one doesn’t know the area! Italy being famous for its food doesn’t let the side down especially in Riva del Garda, Province of Trento where you will find all sorts of gems for dining. Through the month of October you are sure to be surrounded by an abundance of heavy scents in the air of one of its most famous regional specialities – truffles! Black, White… truffles are everywhere in October. Delicately and perfectly invited into most chefs dishes!

October sees the start of a festival, a very special one indeed! running from 26th Sept – 5th Oct visitors are attracted to the region to attend The Truffle Festival.

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Come to Lake Garda during this time of you are you also can sample a wide range of oils, cheeses, and other traditional specialities. Let your taste buds breath new life through new loves!, with a real demonstration of a truffle hunt and crash courses in ‘how to cook with truffles’ there is plenty of things to see and do for everyone. Following the festival you will find that the majority of chefs will make truffle specific menus which can be devoured from 20th Sept – 12th Oct.

HLC’s recommendations for eating out were hard to pick as its difficult to go wrong! Let your senses direct you and you won’t go far wrong.


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