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02 Nov / 2015

Ludlow Hotel New York


Real things, real materials, real old, real vintage, real contemporary, real comfort this is real luxury for most people. Artful rough edges and personal quirks that look like they have been curated from someone who has travelled like Crododile Dundee. Refined but not polished; worn in, experienced, charming. Considered, a strong sense of place.

Accidentally on purpose, its considered design that’s from DNA flair; from a personality, rather than training.  As MacPherson would say “If you do something that is decidedly and determinedly cool or hip, it’s probably not very hip.”

The Pallette

Ox blood
Toblerone White

The Scent

Martin Margiela ‘Untitled’

The Tune

Make it mine – Jason Mraz  – Click here to listen 

The Lobby Lounge

The Ludlow Hotel was designed to provide a ‘living room’ for the locals. Where you could have a one off party and it would be a mix of creative people who talk to one another, like the separate unconnected elements in the lobby that do the same. The shapes and the way the light bleeds out from the wall pendants is alluring and powerful, they have a golden hue, a burning fire kind of colour light which makes me recall first chapter of ‘The Story of Art’ by E.H Gombrich.

The large hand crafted for me they look like they are inspired from the bronze age, old bronze, gold sheet and looks like it is made up from swords.

There is something reminiscent of the beginnings. Hides, mole skin, worn wood, fire. The elements.

  • Caramac, chocolate coloured brown leather deep buttoned sofas.
  • Ox blood leather banquets surround
  • Mole coloured short pile velvet, encased in walnut 70’s style wooden carcass
  • Bronze hand crafted Moroccan proud, large, grand hanging pendants
  • Oak panelling
  • Distressed Grand limestone fireplace
  • Marble mosaic uneven floors.

Pretty Garden Terrace

It feels casually put together, eclectic, cute, pretty. is flooded with plenty of natural light. Exotic hanging fixtures soften the industrial vibe of the building

The personality

The hotel would embody someone who enjoys being the power behind the throne with someone else occupying the hot seat. Someone who owns themselves; knows themselves. People magnets. Zodiac: Scorpian.

The art above the fireplace, the man and the smoke the pendant does almost sits like a crown on him. Ludlow and its prices are meant to be accessible, to attract the kind of truly cool types who look fabulous at the back tables but maybe share a half bottle of red wine for the entire night. No matter if their bills don’t reach oligarch levels, their presence guarantees the atmosphere.

On the owner:

Sean MacPherson and BD Hotel owners, Ira Drukier and Richard Born, are the trifecta behind the Hotel.‘He makes places he himself wants to hang out at. He loves the details, lighting, sight lines, music. Importantly, he loves people, so creating places where folks can live and drink deeply of life and connect is his art’.

Eye spies and where to by


1. Retro, Rock & Roll and ridiculously sexy  VINTAGE DE SEDE SOFA BED

2. Admittedly I have a thing for anything bronzey, metally, beaten and this TOM GREENE BRUTALIST CHANDELIER covers all bases. Reminiscent of a jagged saw blade in its sharp edges yet stacked in an architectural composition.  This chandelier with it’s beautiful natural patina will glam up any space while casting a golden hue.

3. This KASBAH WOOLD RUG  adds history, warmth & a rustic element to The Ludlow lobby while also infusing texture and an obscure geometric pattern. I swoon their imperfections and a touch of bohemian grit like this KASBAH WOOLD RUG.

4. Can we all agree that this MARSHALL AMP is a functional and genius design choice?!

5. Guilty pleasure petrified wood, its beautiful, unique and sooo old its precious treasure. The tree trunk nightstands in PETRIFIED NIGHSTAND from Organic Modernism in Brooklyn

Other finds that HLC would love to add in there

1. The man above the fireplace, we think our frame would work well

2. Mirror in the bathroom

3. Lights and rugs

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