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13 Nov / 2015


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Sorrento, just the name conjures up images of of plump, waxy lemons hanging from wooden pergolas, warmed and sweetened by the comforting rays of the sun and fanned by the sea breeze, covering every part of them almost like a blanket and baring the heady scents of this regional sacred diamond which makes its way into most dishes and has made Sorrento famous for its Limoncello.

This chic place is world renowned ¬†for being the ‘go to’ destination for celebrities and elite travellers alike- seeking natural beauty, serenity and exclusivity, not the exclusivity of the likes of a private, wealth only accessible only paradise but simply because there is no where else in the world quite like Sorrento.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 11.44.16

Magnificent views of the Amalfi Coast

Keeping the Dolce Vita alive alongside its vibrant coastline, Sorrento produces a significant historical depth, with its wealth of Renaissance Palazzi and Romanesque churches. Sorrento’s perfect vertical paradise somehow magically is home to villages nestled within the rugged southern side Sorenteen peninsular.

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